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Cockatiel Bird Toys

These bird toys are appropriately sized for Cockatiels, Lovebirds, Quakers, Parrotlets and other birds of similar size.  All metal components are either stainless steel or nickel plated.  All toys come with a LARGE nickel pear link.

Swan Song #1-47


Our 7" Swan Song is music to any bird's ears.  Not only do the brightly colored bells tinkle prettily, but the plastic parts rattle together for more boisterous noise.  You also have an interactive facet to this toy with the rings and beads that slide up and down the metal chain.  All in all, a wonderful toy for the bird that loves noisy toys to beat up and abuse.  

Parrot Photo:  Kula eyeballs Swan Song

Price:  $7.75 


Flitterpated #1-46


The transparent butterflies seem to glitter in the light, attracting the eye of the most discriminating bird.  The butterflies are very durable and rattle together with a noisy clinking sound.  The metal chain can be pulled back and forth through the  o-ring for interactive fun.  Topping it off are the brightly colored bells which provide musical accompaniment.  The overall length of this toy is 7".

Parrot Photo:  Kula poses with Flitterpated.

Price:  $6.25 


Fascination #1-44


The ways to enjoy Fascination are numerous.  First you have the musical or noise value of the toy with the brightly colored bells and the rattling of the plastic rings.  Then you have the challenge of moving the rings back and forth or spinning them around on the metal chain and on the stainless steel wire.  Also, don't forget  the Tarzan value, something sturdy to hang and swing from.  The approximate dimensions of Fascination are 4" x 5".

Parrot Photo:  This is a toy that Kula just loves to abuse! 

Price:  $8.00 


Knock on Wood #1-42


Knock on wood is approximately 6.5" long and 5" wide.  It incorporates several layers of small hardwood beads with small hardwood squares for the perfect wood "meal".  The body of this toy is a tree round which can be restrung with new parts when desired.  The stringing material on this toy is chewy leather lace.

Parrot Photo: Kula wonders if he's bird enough to take on the chewing challenge of Knock on Wood. 

Price:  $8.50 


Rinky-Dink Binky #1-40


I'll admit it...  I was digging at the bottom of the "name" barrel for this one.  Don't let the cumbersome name put you off though.  This toy is perfect for the bird that isn't big on chewing, but prefers noisy toys that can be manipulated and manhandled.  This toy is right up Kula's alley, though I would be really grateful if he didn't feel the urge to start playing with it at 3:00 a.m.  Of course I could always be sensible and move it out of his cage and put it on his playtop.  Nah... that would be too easy!

The toy body for this one is a neon pacifier, through which a nickel plated chain can be pulled back and forth.  There are also marbella rings that move up and down.  Brightly colored bells that tinkle with each movement of the toy guaranties your bird lots of boisterous fun!

Parrot photo:  Kula plays with his Rinky-Dink Binky.

Price:  $6.00 


Unbearable  #1-38


The plastic laces are the big draw on this toy and Kula has already given his a nice haircut.  The photo on the left should actually have more laces but I couldn't find my sample and had to borrow his toy to get the photo shot.  The plastic bear and beads should hold up pretty well and the toy can be retied with the plastic laces we sell in our Plastics toy part section.  Unbearable is about 10" with all the dangly laces and is strung on Paulie Rope.

Parrot Photo:  Kula is an aspiring barber...Haircut anyone??

Price: $5.50


Oddball  #1-36

Oddball is approximately 7" long and looks like something that might have landed from outer space.  The body of this toy is a wiffle ball that is decorated with jumbo pony beads, transparent rings and neon tube beads.  The stringing material is Paulie Rope.

Parrot Photo:  Kula checks out Oddball.

Price:  $6.75


Virtuoso #1-35

Your bird definitely doesn't need talent to be a master musician. All your bird needs is this toy! This is the toy to have for the bird that wants to make itself heard in a big way. Lots of neon colored bells decorate this hardwood dowel. The bells make a sweet tinkling noise that is sure to thrill your bird and have your running for the medicine cabinet. A must have for your bird's toy collection! Approximately length is 7".

Parrot Photo: Kula gets ready to wreak musical havoc on our household.

Price: $9.75 


Footloose #1-34


Is your bird ready for a little interactive play? Besides shaking the toy for a little musical entertainment, pulling on the bell or the ring can cause the chain to slide up and down. The plastic components on this toy are all marbella products and the toy is fully washable. Safe for small birds like parakeets. Approximate length is 7".

Parrot Photo: Kula engages is a little interactive play.  

Price: $5.25


Spin Cycle #1-32
Spinning dowels and sliding rings will provide plenty of energetic activity for your feathered loved one. There are also wooden beads to chew, pony beads to play with and a bell for the musically inclined. Paulie rope and SS wire are the stringing materials for this 9" toy.

Parrot photo: Kula gives Spin Cycle a whirl!

Price: $7.50

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