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Macaw Bird Toys

  These toys are appropriately sized for Macaws (including Hyacinths and Greenwings), Cockatoos (including Moluccans and Palms) and medium parrots that really, really love to chew.  We ask that you read the description for each toy carefully.  While we normally use 4.0MM chain for macaw toys, there are a few instances where we needed to use 2.5mm to accommodate certain toy parts.  Most big birds will play safely with this size chain, but if you've got one of the really big guys, who happens to be a metal chomper, it would be best to avoid the toy or supervise playtime with it.

All O-rings and chain are welded closed and quick links are sized for the big guys. Metal components are stainless steel and nickel plated. 

Toy Hint:  For big bird owners on a budget, please take a look at the Treat Cages located in our Puzzle Toy category.  It can be filled with all kinds of inexpensive goodies to meet your bird's chewing needs.  



High Intrigue  #4-26

High Intrigue is a take-off on Feeding Frenzy, instead using tough, durable plastic parts.  High Intrigue has a PVC body and is approximately 16" long.  There are plastic rings to spin and slide, as well as stainless steel hardware on the face to manipulate.  While the hardware can be moved around, it is welded so everything stays in place. Durable plastic components are hung on metal chain which can be pulled back and forth through the body.  The plastic parts are large Interstar Rings and large, plastic beads.  The chain has stainless steel quick links on each end so you can refill the toy when the Interstar Rings get worn, or rotate them with something different to give the toy fresh appeal.  The following items in our Toy parts section can be substituted with no drilling:  Interstar Rings (small and large), Daisy Rings, 2" Marbella Rings, Lattice Links, Wiffles Balls (Baseball and Colored).  This toy is also ideal for parrots that love to climb and swing on their toys.  

Parrot Photo: Indigo reels up High Intrigue and tests out the Stainless Steel hardware.

Price: $34.50


Ticker Tape Parade #4-25

I don't know of any bird that does not love paper so we designed something a little fancier than the standard paper holders currently on the market. This version of Ticker Tape Parade is designed for the big guys and can be used on playgyms or in cages. Aside from all the paper to unroll, there are plenty of brightly colored, high-impact plastic beads to beak and lots of interstar rings to spin.    It is approximately 15" long and 13" wide.  This toy is made with stainless steel wire and nickel plated chain.  All quick links are stainless steel.  The paper can easily be changed by a removing one quick link.  All paper is untreated and replacement rolls can be purchased below.  

Parrot Photo: Indigo heads down to check out Ticker Tape parade and then get to work on chewing paper.  While I know that Delilah doesn't even look remotely like a big bird, she was squeaking away when we hung this toy for Indigo.  She has one of her own, but I recently swapped it out for something else.  I find it difficult to resist a squeaking Grey Bird so she got to finish off Indy's roll when he stopped playing with it.  Delilah's photo will also give you a better idea of just how big this toy really is.

Price: $32.75

Selection: Ticker Tape Parade - $32.75
Additional rolls - 2/$1.30

Ticker Tape  #4-24

Ticker Tape is designed to be used in cages.  Just spread out the pear links as shown in the photo on the right and let your parrot go to town.  Aside from paper chewing, there are brightly colored jumbo and superlarge beads to beak and large interstar rings to spin.  Metal chain is closed welded and all hardware is stainless steel.  To replace the roll of paper, just remove the quick link.  

Parrot Photo: Indy get a paper chewing frenzy going.

Price: $24.00

Selection: Ticker Tape - $24.00
Additional rolls - 2/$1.30


Bedlam #4-18

I always think I know my birds so well and every so often one of them does something that catches me totally unprepared. That is just what happened with this toy. Indigo is very picky about her toys and can sometimes be as difficult as Greys with certain new items. I thought this one was so overwhelming that it would take me days to get a photo. I knew that she would hack at it to protect her space, unscrew the quick link, throw it on the floor and proceed to poop on it. She totally shocked me by climbing right down to play with it. The photo above is immediately upon introduction.

Now that we have concluded my macaw has totally made a fool out of me, let me tell you a little bit about this toy. IT'S HUGE! It's approximately 30" of durable and soft plastic parts. Did I already say it was huge? Well it is! The toy is strung on close welded chain and both o-rings have been welded closed for the safety of your bird. What's on it that makes it so much fun? First there are the large colored wiffles that move up and down the chain. Plastic beads are stuffed inside for additional rattling noise. Then, threaded through a durable plastic bowl, are nuts, bolts and spin wheels which can be turned and removed by your bird for interactive fun or foot toy use. At the bottom of the toy are 6 legs filled with wiffles, plastic blocks, accordion tubes, plastic beads, spin wheels and other assorted goodies. Bottom components are strung on Paulie Rope. This toy is safe for the bigger guys and medium parrots that like a larger, challenging toy!

Parrot Photo: Indigo tests out Bedlam and gives it her seal of approval.

Price: $47.25


Chain Cluster #4-11

Our 17" Macaw Chain Cluster is wonderful for Macaws, Cockatoos or any buzzsaw that prefers softer wood to chew. This 110 piece toy is loaded with colorful pine squares, hardwood squares and hardwood beads. It's strung on cotton rope through a heavy gauge welded chain.

Parrot Photo: Indigo with the Macaw Chain Cluster.

Price: $41.50


Leather Liaison #4-10

Your leather aficionado will have an affaire d'amour with our Leather Liaison, a scandalous toy loaded with leather. Even if your parrot doesn't get romance novel passionate about leather, this is a toy your bird will enjoy! Strung through the guava body of this 28" toy are pieces of sisal rope which support thick wedges of leather scrap and large acrylic beads. The bottom "clacker" consists of large acrylic beads, hard guava slices and PVC elbows, strung on leather laces and suspended from a welded O-ring. The "clacker" portion of this toy is attached by a quick link and can be removed to form two separate toys.

Parrot Photo: Indigo with Leather Liaison.

Price: $37.75


Cascade #4-7

If you have a buzzsaw, have we got the toy for you! Our Macaw Cascade will provide your large parrot with the ultimate chewfest. This 100 piece toy combines a mix of pine shapes and hard guava slices, strung on sisal and cotton rope. The body of this toy is PVC for durability and can be reused over and over. The overall length of this toy is 32". The approximate shipping weight is 8 pounds.

Parrot Photo: Indigo poses with the Cascade.

Price: $45.00


Bodacious #4-2

This outrageous toy is a hodgepodge of all different components. It's comprised primarily of thick leather scrap with accents of leather laces, bird-safe Paulie rope, curly laces, large plastic beads, jumbo plastic beads, dice, large plastic spools, and rawhide rectangles. At the top of the toy is a large round ring, a large jewel ring, large plastic chain and a large die, all of which can be moved up and down the heavy welded chain. The toy is approximately 22" long.

Parrot Photo: Indigo gives her seal of approval to Bodacious.

Price: $44.50



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