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Macaw Foot Toys

Foot toys happen to be some of my favorite things for birds to play with.  They are fairly easy to introduce and help parrots to learn the concepts of play, chew and coordination.  I also like them because they allow you to interact with your parrot.  One of things we have done with our guys since babyhood is to give them a selection of foot toys and "play" with them and the toys on a flat surface.  It is interesting to note that the foot toy you are playing with always seems to be much more attractive than the one that they have, hence they must have THAT one immediately.  Missy, our Timneh, is the funniest as she will take every toy you pick up away from you, put it in a pile and sit on it or over it so you can't take it back.

These foot toys are appropriately sized for Macaws and larger Cocktoos.

Hibiscus Foot Toys #5-1M

This is designed for the foot toy enthusiast who likes something a little different in their foot toys. It is also recommended for birds that pluck or mutilate their feathers. It consists of brightly colored cotton fabric (vivid Hawaiian prints and solid colors), a hardwood dowel with a pine square and hardwood beads strung on cotton rope.

Parrot Photo: Indigo with her Hibiscus Foot Toy.

Sold Individually
Price: $3.75



Popsicle Foot Toys #5-3M

The Popsicle Foot Toys consist of a hardwood dowel, hardwood shapes and leather lace. The "pop" portion of the toy is a 2" pine rectangle.

Parrot Photo: Indigo tries to decide which foot toy to play with first.

Sold individually
Price: $3.50


Hot Spot Foot Toys #5-4M

These toys are 2" brightly colored pine squares with wooden beads imbedded each side of the square. Parrots become extremely absorbed trying to get the beads out.

Parrot Photo: Indigo shows off her Hot Spot Foot Toy.

Sold Individually
Price: $1.50


Jungle Beat Foot Toys #5-5M

Jungle Beat Foot Toys will make your bird want to break out the warpaint and dance around the tribal campfire. Well maybe we're exaggerating a bit, but your bird is sure to love these toys! A jumbo wooden spool is the "handle" on this toy, while the body is a small slice of hard Guava with wood turnings. The stringing material is leather lace and some bushy sisal is provided for preening.

Parrot Photo: Indy with her Jungle Beat Foot Toy.

Sold Individually
Price: $3.00


Palm Tree Foot Toys #5-9M

Our Palm Tree Foot Toy has three "fronds" of wooden beads and wood turnings. A hardwood dowel is the handle and jute rope is the stringing material.

Parrot Photo: Indy with her Palm Tree Foot Toy.

Sold Individually
Price: $5.00


Snake Eyes Foot Toys #5-12M

This is a durable foot toy built around a jumbo die. The stringing material is bird-safe Paulie rope and other goodies include welded nickel o-rings, stainless steel washers and jumbo beads.

Parrot Photo: Indigo plays with a Snake Eyes Foot Toy.

Sold individually
Price: $7.40


Stoplight Foot Toys #5-15M

This stoplight reminiscent foot toy has a sturdy pine body with lots of hardwood large "light" beads. The stringing material is cotton rope.

Parrot Photo: Indigo tries to decide which foot toy to play with first.

Sold Individually
Price: $5.50


Wing Ding Foot Toys #5-17M

Two leather lace segments, a stainless steel bolt, washer and wing nut decorate this hardwood guava nugget. The bolt and washer can be moved around and the wing nut turns, but a small weld prevents the hardware from coming off the guava.

Parrot Photo: Indigo with her Wing Ding foot toy.

Sold Individually
Price: $5.00


Starburst Foot Toy #5-19M

Scrumptious stars are the draw on this foot toy.  These pointy tips are easy to chew, which makes it a parrot favorite.  The foot toy is capped off on each each with a wooden bead and held together with leather lace.

Sold individually
Price: $



Tuff Stuff Foot Toy #5-22M
Tuff Stuff is a 6" barbell toy which includes two brightly colored marbella rings that move and spin!

Parrot Photo: Indigo takes on the Tuff Stuff Foot Toy!  

Sold Individually
Price: $5.75



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