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Plastic Foot Toys...  Page 2

Interstar Rings - 2.5"


These 2.5" Interstar Rings stand up very well to the most aggressive of chewers.  The rings come in a vivid six color mix and the center hole size is approximately 11/16".  Besides being a great foot toy, use them as perch toys that spin for perches 5/8" or smaller.  Recommended sizing:  Hard, chewy and solid...Conure to the big guys. 

Selection: Each - $.65
Quantity of 25 - $13.75
Bag of 60 - $28.00

Giant Nuts and Bolts

The sky is the limit with these Giant Nuts and Bolts! This two piece toy part comes in four shapes and four different colors. Recommended sizing:  Tough, chewy and solid...Conures to the big guys. 

Selection: Set of One - $1.50
Set of Four - $5.00


Plastic Keys

These plastic key are approximately 2"L x 7/8"W with a thickness of 1/8" and come in a varied color mix.  Recommended sizing:  Soft, chewy and solid...conures to the big guys. 

Selection: Each - $.20
Quantity of 25 - $4.00

Lattice Links

Lattice Links range from 2 to 2.5" in diameter with a center hole size of approximately 1/4".  All the outside holes are slightly smaller, somewhere in the range of 1/8".  These tough plastic toys come in a bright color mix and a variety of shapes.  These links can be used as foot toys or linked together to make puzzle structures for your parrot to dismantle. Recommended sizing:  Conures to the big guys.

Selection: Each - .30
Quantity of 25 - $6.25
Quantity of 60 - $12.00

Saturn Spinners

These Saturn spinners come in a varied color mix and are 2.5" in diameter.  This toy part is extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of ways.  Purchase them drilled to use as toy parts or undrilled to use as foot toys. Since these spinners come apart, you can remove the lid and fill with pony beads for a rattling sound or put in a treat and use it as a foraging toy part or foot toy.  The intriguing outer ring is soft plastic and the inner pod is a little thicker.  Recommended sizing:  cockatiels/lovebirds for toy bodies up to the big guys for toy parts and foot toys.  Recommending stringing material for drilled:  1/4" Paulie Rope and 1/8" Leather Laces.

Selection: UNDRILLED, Quantity of 12 - $1.95
UNDRILLED, Quantity of 48 - $6.25



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