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Supreme Cotton Rope

Supreme Cotton Rope is used and recommended by toy manufacturers who put quality and safety first in the making of their toys.  It is the safest cotton rope currently on the market for use in parrot products.

  What makes Supreme Rope so special?  

  • Supreme Cotton rope is made with short, fuzzy fibers which pull apart - helps to prevent tangling and the catching of toes. 

  • It is all natural and unprocessed - absolutely no bleaching or polishing

  • It is very soft and loosely woven - easy on the hands and easy on the beak

  • Absolutely no threads to catch toes - this rope literally shreds into cotton puffs (see photo below)

  • Makes spectacular preening toys - may prove especially helpful for birds that pluck

  • Birds absolutely love this rope!

If you look at the picture closely, you'll notice some cotton fibers at the top of the picture.  I grabbed a section of rope between my fingers and pulled.  What came off is the equivalent of a cotton balls or cotton puffs (like those sold in the drugstore). 

 Important note:  While this rope is a safer product to use, there is no such thing as a completely safe item when it comes to birds.  Please continue to use care when designing your toys and inspect them periodically for continued safety.



Supreme Cotton Rope - 1/4"
This soft and fuzzy Supreme Rope is 4-ply and approximately 1/4" in diameter.  It fits fairly easily through a 1/4" to 3/8" hole.  For use with small toys or small holed toy parts (7/32" and under), cut the rope into the desired length and untwist the plies.

25 Foot Coil
Price: $3.75



Paper Rope

Nope, this is not Supreme Cotton Rope, but I wasn't quite sure where to put it.  For the time being, this is where it will be listed.

This paper rope is about 1/16" thick, but is surprisingly strong.  Use it to string toys for the small guys or as toy accents for the bigger birds.  Great for shredding toys!  Each package comes with a 35' hank of rope in nine colors:  beige, blue, fuchsia, green, peach, pink, purple, yellow and white.



Price: $2.25



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